Will Company of Heroes 3 have a single player campaign?

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Fans of the Company of Heroes franchise are eagerly anticipating the release of the third installment in the series, set to be released later this year. With new features and improvements promised, one question remains at the forefront of many gamers' minds: will Company of Heroes 3 have a single player campaign?

The Answer

The answer is yes, Company of Heroes 3 will indeed have a single player campaign. According to Craving Tech, the game will feature a dynamic campaign through a sandbox-style gameplay in Italy during World War II. This campaign involves a turn-based system where players can move their companies around the map and make strategic decisions. When a unit attacks a city or meets up with an enemy unit, a real-time battle will begin. In addition to the Italian campaign, there will be a second type of campaign called the North African Operation, which Pro Game Guides says is part of the game.

While IGN's review of the game's single-player campaigns is fairly brief, it does confirm that the game has a single-player mode. However, it does not provide any additional information about the specifics of the campaign.


In conclusion, Company of Heroes 3 will definitely have a single player campaign, with at least two different campaigns to choose from. While the exact details of the campaign have yet to be revealed, the game's developers have promised a number of exciting features to look forward to. Whether you're a long-time fan of the series or new to the world of Company of Heroes, the upcoming release is sure to have something for everyone. You can read more about my top laptop picks for playing Company of Heroes 3 in our laptop guide.

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