What is Contraband Police?

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Contraband Police is a video game set in the 1980s where the player takes on the role of a police officer trainee working at a border post in the mountainous region of Karikatka. The objective of the game is to prevent contraband from crossing the border by searching suspicious drivers' vehicles using a UV flashlight and appropriate tools to extract smuggled goods. The game also features situations where the player may need to use firearms to stop desperate smugglers from escaping the control zone.

According to Steam, players may upgrade their police station and cars to improve their effectiveness and earn cash through successful inspections. There is also a prologue version of the game available on Steam, which allows players to test the game before purchasing the full version.

GameGrin describes Contraband Police as a PC game that is set in a communist country where the player checks papers, searches for contraband, and chases down runners. The game involves shooting anyone who attacks you and the player can either uphold the law or help change it.

As a high-performance game, it is important to have a laptop with suitable specifications to ensure smooth gameplay. 10 High-Performance laptops for Contraband Police in 2023 (March Madness deals) is a useful guide that provides information on laptops that are capable of running high-performance games such as Contraband Police without any issues.

In summary, Contraband Police is a video game set in 1981, and it offers players the chance to experience life as a border police officer tasked with searching for contraband and stopping smugglers. The game offers different scenarios where players may need to use firearms to maintain control of the border, and there is also the option to upgrade police stations and cars. Anyone interested in playing the game should check out the prologue version available on Steam, and for a smoother gaming experience, be sure to use a laptop that meets the recommended specifications provided in the high-performance laptop guide.

You can find out more about Contraband Police and other video games on Steam or GameGrin.

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