What is Albion Online’s player count?

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Are you curious about how many players are currently playing Albion Online? Look no further! In this article, we will explore different sources to give you an accurate estimate of the current player count.

Steam Charts

According to Steam Charts, the current player count for Albion Online is 8,223. This number is only for players who are playing through Steam. The actual player count might be higher since many players prefer playing Albion Online through its official website.


MMOStats has estimated that Albion Online has an estimated daily player count of 208.5 thousand and an estimated total player count of 11.6 million. These numbers might include players from different gaming platforms.


Reddit users have also been curious about Albion Online's player count. They estimate that the player count is around 10,000+ at any given time. It's important to note that these numbers are not official, but it gives us a good idea of how active the game is.


Based on the sources we have explored, we can conclude that the current player count for Albion Online ranges from 8,223 to 208.5 thousand. It's impressive to see that Albion Online has a dedicated player base that is actively playing the game. Whether you prefer playing through Steam, the official website or any other platform, you can be sure to find fellow players in the vast world of Albion Online.

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