What are the gameplay mechanics of Mechabellum?

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Mechabellum is an auto-battler game that allows players to customize and level up their mechs before the fight, strategically placing them on the battlefield, and watching them destroy enemies. However, before diving into the game, it's important to understand the gameplay mechanics.

Unit and Mechanism Details

As pointed out by gameplay.tips, Mechabellum's gameplay mechanics include:

  • Gold per turn
  • Health deduction after defeat
  • Hate mechanics
  • Reinforcement mechanism
  • Initial expert
  • Unit deployment and unlocking
  • Energy tower

Units have two attack weights, distance and turn time, and can only select one of the different types of reinforcements per unit. The power towers on the left and right have different functions to choose from. For more information on the different units and their functions, gameplay.tips provides detailed information.

Gameplay and Mechanics

According to theclashify.com, players choose from four cards each turn, with cards divided into three types: specialists, abilities, and equipment. Each team has a different starter kit consisting of one specialist, two packs of T2 units, and three packs of T1 units. Units can be bought, unlocked, and deployed, with only one type of unit unlocked per turn. Power towers can be purchased for various abilities, and destroying a tower gives a lot of experience to the unit that destroyed it. Units gain experience through killing enemies, and players need to use their gold and energy wisely to unlock and level up units.


In conclusion, understanding the gameplay mechanics of Mechabellum is essential for achieving success in the game. As discussed, players should familiarize themselves with the various unit types, mechanics, and strategies to create a winning team. You can read more about Mechabellum and find out what the top laptops are for playing this game in our laptop guide. With enough practice and a good understanding of the gameplay mechanics, players can enjoy the thrilling auto-battler experience of Mechabellum.

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