Is Sons of the Forest a sequel to The Forest?

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As the release of Sons of the Forest approaches, fans of The Forest are eagerly waiting to find out whether the game is a sequel or a prequel to its predecessor. The good news is that we have an answer for you – Sons of the Forest is a sequel to The Forest(3)(4).

In The Forest, players found themselves stranded on an island and had to survive against a tribe of cannibals. Sons of the Forest takes place on another island, Site 2, which was revealed at the end of The Forest. Players will control a new protagonist searching for a missing billionaire, and they will need to craft, build and fight against cannibals to survive on the island.

The new setting and story make Sons of the Forest a separate game that builds on the mechanics of The Forest. So while it is a sequel, players will not have to play The Forest to understand Sons of the Forest. Instead, Sons of the Forest will have a unique storyline and gameplay experience.

It's worth noting that Sons of the Forest was highly anticipated even before the release of The Forest. The team behind the game has put a lot of effort into developing and perfecting the mechanics and storylines. Fans can expect the sequel to be bigger and better than its predecessor, with improved graphics and gameplay.

In conclusion, Sons of the Forest is without a doubt a sequel to The Forest. As the game's release date draws near, fans can look forward to exploring the new island, fighting new enemies, and uncovering the story behind the missing billionaire. If you're interested in laptops that are ideal for gaming, check out our 10 Best laptops for playing Sons of the Forest in 2023 article for more information.

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