Is Satisfactory multiplayer?

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Satisfactory, the popular first-person factory building game developed by Coffee Stain Studios, has been a hit among gamers since its release. As players explore an alien world, they have the chance to build and manage complex automated factories, all while battling the planet's dangerous wildlife. But many gamers wonder: is Satisfactory multiplayer?

According to sources like,, and, the answer is a resounding yes. Satisfactory is indeed a multiplayer game that allows players to host a session and invite friends or set it to private. Other players can join by either being friends on Steam or Epic Games or by obtaining the Session ID. Cross-play is also available.

The host of a Satisfactory session can choose between Friends Only or Private session privacy settings. It is possible to have more than four players in a session by editing the game's config file. Reddit also provides tutorials to help players set up multiplayer, including how to have more than four players in a session. While the maximum number of players allowed in one session is 16, the officially supported player cap remains at four.

In order to enjoy Satisfactory's multiplayer mode, players may need to set up dedicated servers. explains that dedicated servers are available on Windows and Linux and can be installed through Steam or SteamCMD. If players choose not to use a dedicated server, the host's game must be running in order for the session to continue.

Overall, it is clear that Satisfactory is indeed a multiplayer game, and players can enjoy exploring and building their automated factories with friends or other gamers online. So gather your team and start building!

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