Is Project Zomboid multiplayer?

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If you've ever played Project Zomboid, you know that it's a game that can be played for hours on end. But is Project Zomboid multiplayer? Can you play it with friends? The short answer is yes!

How to play Project Zomboid multiplayer

According to Dot Esports, Project Zomboid can be played multiplayer by either hosting a server or joining an existing server. Up to 126 players can join the same server simultaneously.

PCGamesN explains that joining a game is easy. All you need to do is go to the main menu and click the ‘Join’ option. To host a server, choose the host option from the main menu and select the server settings.

Fanbyte explains that you can play Project Zomboid with friends by joining servers from the main menu.


In summary, Project Zomboid is multiplayer and can be played with friends. Whether you want to join an existing server or host your own, the process is easy and straightforward. So gather your friends and start playing!

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