How many players can play Sons of the Forest?

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Sons of the Forest, the sequel to the popular horror game The Forest, has been long-awaited by fans. With its release in 2023, players are excited to delve back into its world of terror and survival. But with multiplayer being a huge draw for many gamers, the question arises: how many players can play Sons of the Forest?

According to multiple sources, including Dexerto, The Loadout, and Destructoid, Sons of the Forest supports up to eight players in multiplayer mode. However, it is important to note that this is only possible through online co-op. The game does not support local co-op, so players cannot gather together in the same room and play together.

This limit of eight players may disappoint some players who were hoping for larger multiplayer games, but it is still a decent number for cooperative play. With eight people, players can strategize and work together to survive the game's dangerous environment. It also makes it easier to coordinate with friends and schedule online gaming sessions.

Overall, Sons of the Forest offers a solid multiplayer experience for up to eight players. For those who were hoping for more, there may be other games that better suit their needs. However, for those looking for a cooperative survival horror game with friends, Sons of the Forest provides a fun and terrifying experience.

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So gather your friends, sharpen your senses, and get ready to face the horrors of Sons of the Forest together.

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