How do I play Dead By Daylight?

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Dead By Daylight is a multiplayer action survival horror game that has gained massive popularity since its release. Whether you choose to play as a killer or a survivor, the game requires strategy and skill to succeed. In this article, we will guide you through the basic gameplay mechanics of playing as a survivor.

Playing as a Survivor

To play Dead By Daylight as a survivor, you need to be stealthy and altruistic to escape the killer. According to IGN, survivors can use items, add-ons, perks, and offerings to increase their chances of survival. Each survivor has a unique set of perks that can be unlocked and shared across all survivor loadouts as you progress through the bloodweb.

To start the game as a survivor, you first need to select a survivor from the available options. Each survivor has unique traits, perks, and abilities that can be used to aid in gameplay. Once you've selected your survivor, it's time to start playing.

The main goal of a survivor is to turn on 2 generators to power an escape gate and leave before the killer catches you, according to The Gamer. This requires teamwork with other survivors and the ability to avoid the killer's attacks.

Survivors play in third-person mode, allowing you to observe your surroundings and the killer's movements. When the killer is nearby, you can hide behind obstacles or crouch to remain unseen. It's important to remember that the killer can hear your movements, so it's essential to be careful when moving.

As a survivor, you can help other survivors that are in trouble by healing them or unhooking them from the killer's hook. Being altruistic and helping others is an essential aspect of surviving in Dead By Daylight.


Playing Dead By Daylight as a survivor requires strategy, skill, and teamwork. Remember to make use of items, add-ons, perks, and offerings to increase your chances of survival. Keep a low profile and avoid the killer's attacks, and remember that helping other survivors is essential to winning the game.

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