How do I level up my characters in Dead By Daylight?

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Dead By Daylight is a thrilling online multiplayer game that requires players to survive and escape from a killer's trap. The game features a unique leveling system that allows players to unlock new perks, abilities, and rewards. However, many beginners might wonder how to level up their characters in the game.

Understanding the Leveling System

According to the Dead By Daylight Support, to level up a character, players need to gain experience points (XP) by performing well in matches. The amount of XP earned is based on the quality of the Emblems received at the end of the match. Emblems are awarded based on players' performance in different categories such as Survival, Boldness, Altruism, and Objectives.

Unlocking the Bloodweb

To level up characters in Dead By Daylight, players must unlock the Bloodweb, a system that allows players to spend Bloodpoints on items and perks for their characters. As per Steam Community Discussions, players need to buy everything in the bloodweb on their loadout to level up. Completing a bloodweb will cause the survivor or killer to level up, allowing access to a new bloodweb.

Tips for Leveling Up

Here are some tips to level up your characters in Dead By Daylight:

  • Play as the survivor more often than the killer. Survivors tend to receive more experience points than killers.
  • Focus on completing objectives and interacting with other players. These actions tend to give more XP than simply escaping or killing.
  • Unlock the Teachable Abilities to gain more perks and bonuses. Players can unlock Teachable Abilities by reaching certain levels with their characters and purchasing them with Iridescent Shards or Auric Cells.
  • Use offerings to improve your chances of success in matches. Offerings are items players can use to influence the trial's mechanics, such as increasing the amount of Bloodpoints they earn.

Reaching Level 50 and Prestige

Players can level up their characters to a maximum of level 50. According to Notes Read, once a character reaches level 50, players can choose to stay at that level or prestige their Blood Network up to a maximum of prestige 3. Players can only prestige a character by spending Bloodpoints and starting over from level one.

In conclusion, leveling up characters in Dead By Daylight requires players to gain experience points through gameplay and unlock items and perks by using the Bloodweb system. By following the tips mentioned above, players can level up their characters faster and unlock more rewards. Good luck surviving!

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