Best Laptop Deals for Elden Ring in 2022 Fall

Elden Ring Elden Ring is an open world with six main areas to explore and vast variety of quests to undertake. The game is a collaborative effort between famous game director Hidetaka Miyazaki and fantasy novelist George R. R. Martin, who’s best known for the high-fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire (also known as Game of Thrones). Naturally, you can expect the game to feature a sprawling open world with a variety of locations that are filled with hidden secrets.

And as we finally have official system requirements, they are somewhat as expected – Elden Ring is an ambitious game that can’t be handled by any old laptop.

In other words – you’ll need a beastly gaming laptop for this one to play smoothly. Are you up for it? Let’s move on and talk about my picks for best laptops for Elden Ring.

  • Elden Ring is finally released!
  • Continue reading to know more about how to choose the best laptop for Elden Ring in your price range!

Requirements for a Elden Ring laptop

Major Memory

elden ring game

I must say, this game requires plenty of RAM to run. I mean this is honestly one of the first games I ever saw requiring [12GB of RAM as a minimal option](a reddit thread on minimum ram requirements for elden ring). [Wwhich is why it’s so important to get the right amount](a reddit thread on the importance of buying enough ram). Sure, it’s possible to buy an 8GB laptop and upgrade with an extra stick – but you’re going to be very limited in what you can do with your system for the first few years of ownership.

If you’re planning on playing Elden Ring, then you’ll need to have decent amount of RAM. It’s never good idea to go for a minimum, so I recommend getting ar least 16GB. If you can afford – don’t hesitate, go with 32GB for the most future proof solution.

  • Elden Ring requires 12GB of RAM to run at stable framerates
  • if you’re planning on playing Elden Ring, then you’ll need to have decent amount of RAM
  • I recommend getting at least 16GB of RAM for Elden Ring – 32GB if you can afford it

Major Graphics card

elden ring

For Elden Ring, graphics card is the one and only thing that will determine your gameplay experience. Frame rate on PC will be capped at 60 FPS, but the performance you get out of your graphics card will vary.

Minimum graphics

The bare minimum recommendation for playing Elden Ring is RTX 1660 Ti. If you are not sure what to spend on a laptop with a laptop to play Elden Ring, this is where I would start – RTX 1660 Ti can run the game on lower end settings. With that said, there are still several other options available – Radeon RX 5600M and GTX 1650 come to mind.

If you’re looking for a little more performance for less money, Nvidia’s GTX 1660 Ti is the best option in this category as it provides good framerate for budget laptops without any significant compromises in visual quality. AMD’s Radeon RX 6600M sits just below it with a minor dip in framerate, which makes it my recommended option if Nvidia’s offering isn’t available or cost-effective.

Recommended graphics

I recommend spending more money on a more powerful GPU when playing Elden Ring. There are a lot of great options to choose from here – Nvidia’s RTX 3060 provides an excellent balance between price and performance. In addition, RTX 3070 is another great choice when playing on higher resolutions. It will deliver performance enough for all modern demanding games. In all honesty, any of these GPUs will easily handle Elden Ring, just have in mind other, more resources hungry games if you plan gaming those.

  • RTX 1660 Ti is the minimum graphics card for Elden Ring
  • RTX 3060 is a solid option for casual gaming
  • RTX 3070 are all great options for playing Elden Ring and other modern games on higher resolutions and refresh rate displays

Major Processor

elden ring

It’s no secret that CPUs come in wide variety. Some are designed for light tasks, while others take care of heavy lifting. If you’re playing Elden Ring, you’ll need a more casual CPU – the lighter one, so to speak. For example, a 10th-gen Intel Core i5-10300H is enough to provide an immersive experience on medium settings.

For hardcore gamers, such compromises might not be satisfactory – I get it. In that case, I recommend opting for a higher end CPU like Ryzen 7 4800H or Core i7 equivalent.


Ryzen 5 4500U and Core i5-10300H will be just fine for low graphics settings and they’ll offer more than enough power for high resolutions. But as soon as you start bumping up the visuals, frame rates might drop. Even if you have a dedicated GPU installed in your laptop. That’s why I recommend upgrading to Ryzen 7 4800H or Core i7 – they’ll give you enough power to maintain an average framerate of 60FPS on high graphics settings and any resolution your heart desires.

Mentioning an integrated GPU: both AMD and Intel chipsets can deliver smooth gaming experience on low graphics settings with this hardware embedded in the processor. However, when we’re talking about high graphics settings or higher resolutions – never count on integrated GPUs.


So what are my recommendations? If your budget is tight, go with Ryzen 5 4500U or Core i5-10300H; if not – pick from one of these two processors:

  • Core i7-11800H – optimal processor for high resolutions and settings
  • Core i9-11900H – only go with that if you are hardcore gamer. And have a wide budget.

if you’re looking for a CPU for Elden Ring, go with Core i5/Ryzen 5; but if you’re looking for a CPU for gaming in general, opt for Ryzen 7/Core i7 instead

Optional requirements for a Elden Ring laptop

7 Best Laptops for Elden Ring


Elden Ring laptop under $1200
i5-11260H | RTX 3050 | 16 GB RAM | 1000 GB SSD | 17.3″ 144Hz IPS; 1920×1080
Pros and cons
  • Adequate processor (i5-11260H)
  • Up to scratch graphics card (RTX 3050)
  • Middle-of-the-road memory amount (16GB)
  • Weighty (5.1 lbs)

Acer Nitro 5 AN517-54-77KG

Fantastic value
i7-11800H | RTX 3050 Ti | 16 GB RAM | 1000 GB SSD | 17.3″ 144Hz IPS; 1920×1080
Pros and cons
  • Solid processor (i7-11800H)
  • Exceptional graphics card (RTX 3050 Ti)
MSI Sword 15
  • Great processor (i7-11800H)
  • Excellent graphics card (RTX 3050 Ti)
  • Middle-of-the-road memory amount (16GB)
  • Heavy (4.6 lbs)

Prostar NP70PNP

Great value
i7-12700H | RTX 3060 | 32 GB RAM | 1000 GB SSD | 17.3″ 144Hz Matte; 1920×1080
Pros and cons
  • Solid processor (i7-12700H)
  • Good graphics card (RTX 3060)
  • No IPS Panel (limited viewing angles)

ASUS ROG Zephyrus

Laptop with insane price and performance ratio
Ryzen 9 5900HS | RTX 3080 | 16 GB RAM | 1000 GB SSD | 15.6″ 165Hz; 2560×1440
Pros and cons
  • Exceptional processor (Ryzen 9 5900HS)
  • Exceptional graphics card (RTX 3070)
  • So-so memory amount (16GB)
  • Up to the mark processor (i5-11260H)
  • Exceptional memory amount (64GB)
  • Middle-of-the-road graphics card (RTX 3050 Ti)
  • Weighty (5.7 lbs)

ASUS ROG Strix G15

High-end gaming laptop
Ryzen 9 5900HX | Radeon RX 6800M | 32 GB RAM | 1000 GB SSD | 15.6″ 300Hz IPS G-Sync; 1920×1080
Pros and cons
  • Terrific processor (Ryzen 9 5900HX)
  • Great graphics card (Radeon RX 6800M)
  • Substandard memory amount (32GB)

Acer Nitro 5

Fantastic value
i7-11800H | RTX 3050 Ti | 64 GB RAM | 2000 GB SSD | 17.3″ 144Hz IPS; 1920×1080
Pros and cons
  • Superb processor (i7-11800H)
  • First-class memory amount (64GB)
  • Substandard graphics card (RTX 3050 Ti)

MSI Leopard GP66

i7-11800H | RTX 3070 | 32 GB RAM | 2000 GB SSD | 15.6″ 144Hz IPS Touch; 1920×1080
Pros and cons
  • Splendid processor (i7-11800H)
  • Solid graphics card (RTX 3070)
  • Mediocre memory amount (32GB)

Comparison spreadsheet

Here’s the link to my spreadsheet comparing laptops for Elden Ring. I’ve gathered all the necessary information and included it in this spreadsheet, so if you’re interested in what’s out there, go ahead and take a look!

Table of Best Laptops for Elden Ring

LaptopPrice (approx)
Acer Nitro 5 AN517-54-77KG$1270
Prostar NP70PNP$1450
ASUS ROG Zephyrus$1740
ASUS ROG Strix G15$1750
Acer Nitro 5$1800
MSI Leopard GP66$1800
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